I first became interested in photography in the mid 1970’s. I purchased a SLR (film of course), took photography classes at the local Community College which included basic camera techniques and working in the dark room. I enjoyed shooting scenes and the process of developing and printing frames from the film. I bought my first DSLR around 2005, A Nikon D70 with 6 megapixels of resolution. In 2009 I upgraded to a Nikon D700 and just recently a Nikon D800. I’m retired now but when I was working I would take a week of vacation (with my wife’s OK of course) and take off in my 4×4. I went to mountains in Idaho and California and places in between, places that were off the beaten track.  I used to hike and take pics along the way. Now days my health will not allow me to go to far afield so I limit my photo outings to driving around the Puget Sound area.


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