Upcoming Events!

Upcoming Events (1)

              Upcoming Events


October 4th – Wednesday, Story Time & Project   “The Kissing Hand” 11 am – 1pm ($5 fee)

October 11 – Wednesday, Story Time & Project  “When Sheep Sleep” 11 am- 1 pm ($5 fee)

October 12 – Outlet Connection paint 3:30- 6 pm

October 14 – Saturday, Art Project / Van Gogh    11 am – 2 pm  ($10 fee)

October 18 – Wednesday, Story Time & Project “Your Own Bed”  11 am- 1 pm ($5 fee)

October 18 – AVCA meeting – 7 pm- Pumpkin carving/ painting) (nominations of officers/ board   members)

October 25 – Wednesday, Story Time & Project “Ducky Dives In” 11 am- 1 pm ($5 fee)

October 26 – Paint and Sip – subject Halloween  6:30 -9 pm (register ahead of time $40)

October 28 – Saturday, Art Project / Piet Mondrian    11 am – 2 pm  ($10 fee)


November 1 – Wednesday, Story Time & Project “Little Brown Bear Won’t Take a Nap”  11am-1 ($5 )

November 4 – Kathy Gill  Watercolor Workshop ($100) Must make a paid reservation

November 8 –Wednesday  Story Time & Proj.  TBD  11 am -1 pm  ($5 fee)

November 9- Outlet Connection paint-3:30-6pm

November 11 – Saturday, Art Project  Georgia Okeeffe  11 am  – 2 pm ($10)

November 13 –Monday   Art for City Hall Exhibit must be at the gallery.  (More info on this later)

November 15 – Wednesday, Story Time & Project TBD  11am-1 ($5 )

November 15 – AVCA meeting (Elections)

November 18 – Gallery bazar

November 22 – Wednesday, Story Time & Project TBD  11am-1 ($5 )

November 29– Wednesday, Story Time & Project TBD  11am-1 ($5 )

November 30 – Paint and Sip – 6:30 -9 pm Holiday theme


December 6 – AVCA Christmas Party/ Potluck

December 9 – Christmas Tea 11 am and 1 pm

December 14 – Outlet Connection paint 3:30 -6 pm


website:  auburnvalleycreativearts.com or email auburnvalleycreativearts@gmail.com for more info





Paint and Sip August 16th!

Don’t miss the upcoming Paint and Sip by Charlotte Gollnick



Amazon Smile Program

Hello Supporters of AVCA!  This is a reminder that you can support AVCA when you shop at Amazon.  Information available here:





Google Calendar of Events

Upcoming AVCA presented here:


Wednesday Lunch Bunch!

Wednesday Lunch and Learn

Bring a sack lunch, learn, and have fun!

All events are $10 and all materials provided!

You don’t have to draw pictures ideas and designs provided!

Please sign up / or RSVP to andersonLCathy@gmail.com or call 253-709-0079.

All events start at 11:45 am

July 19th:               Color pencil basics (color pencils, paper provided)


July 26th:              Drop in and paint (paint a small acrylic painting; pictures and picture ideas provided)


August 2nd:          Watercolor pencils; what are they and how do they work?

August 9th:          Create a card:  using colored pencils, markers, or watercolor pencils create a card

August 16th:        Drop in and paint (paint a small acrylic painting;  pictures and picture ideas provided)


Paint & Sip / Art With Alice

We’ve got two upcoming painting classes coming up:

Paint & Sip: Instructor Richard Jahn – MAY 5TH 2017 (Tree)
Visit Richard’s website for full details: http://www.richardjahn.com/paint—sip.html

Art With Alice: Alice Kares – MAY 13TH 2017 (Painting with coffee)
Visit the gallery to sign up. Or visit our Facebook Page for details https://www.facebook.com/auburnvalleycreativearts/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel


Paint & Sip March 25th & 31st

We’ve got two Paint & Sip events coming up at the Gallery.

March 25th, 1-4pm, $40. Enjoy sipping coffee or tea…and maybe some wine, while painting flowers along with the instructor.

March 31st, 6:30-9pm, Enjoy sipping some wine… and maybe some coffee too, while painting a beautiful landscape.

Your paid registration holds your spot, as space is limited. Admission includes beverage, canvas, all painting supplies and instruction.

Register at the Auburn Valley Creative Arts Gallery at the former Rottle’s building, 226 E. Main Street or email auburnvalleycreativearts@gmail.com, or call Charlotte at 253-951-4324.

Look forward to seeing you there.

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