AVCA Searching for New Gallery Location

Unfortunately, the building that the AVCA Gallery is currently located in has “sprung a leak”…. a big one. Thankfully no artwork was damaged thanks to our volunteer’s quick actions. However, AVCA has had to move our gallery out of our current location and put the next show on hold for now. We are very saddened by this turn of events but our Board and volunteers are very optimistic and already discussing plans for our future. If you have any ideas or happen to hear of any locations you think might be an affordable possibility for AVCA we would love to hear about it.

A huge THANK YOU to Judy Mathews who saved our artwork when she worked her gallery shift and moved it to safer ground…and Zach Tanner who despite just becoming a daddy to a new baby girl this weekend worked very hard to manage the water situation at the gallery. Thanks also to Lela, Jan, Mary Ellen and Laura for helping in taking stuff home and returning artwork to the artists.
While we do not have any monthly meetings for the summer (June-Aug), please look for other events, shows and paint outs over the summer we will be doing! 

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