Art Intake Tomorrow!

AVCA Artists…please don’t forget to deliver your artwork for our new show tomorrow!

The theme for this one is: “Colors of Life“.  Any way you would like to address this subject.  It will be curated by guest curator Karen Whitworth, which we are very excited about!
As usual, we can fit approximately 5 linear feet per artist, with shelf space for jewelry, small works and sculpture.
The intake day is 4th April, 10am-2pm, and it is important to try and make this day, as the curator will be on hand for questions and check-in of work (along with Jan and Mary Ellen, of course). There can be no late entry to this show, so if you need to be accommodated, get in touch with Jan early.
Please bring your work, hung with wire for hanging if it is 2D work. Have two labels per piece, one on the work and one for the gallery book. Fill in the artist’s Loan Agreement and bring a sentence or two regarding your work and your approach to “Colors of Life” in the work. 

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