AVCA Call to Artists

The new show will be up from Jan. 29th – Apr. 5th @ the AVCA gallery, 108 S. Division St., Ste. D, Auburn WA 98001.  The reception will take place Friday, Feb. 8th, beginning @ 6:00 pm.  Artwork drop off times are: Friday Jan 25th, 10am to 2pm, or Saturday Jan 26th, 10am to 1pm.

For everyone who wishes to hang for the next show, here’s the deal:  We can accept 3 or 4 pieces per artist for hanging on the walls, although if your pieces are large, we may only be able to accommodate 2.  Of these, ONE may be NFS(not for sale).  All other pieces must be for sale.  The idea is to have as wide as possible a variety of art for sale.  All pieces MUST be wired for hanging. No wire = not in the show.  We do not have any other system available at this time.  We can also accept a variety of jewelry, sculpture and ceramics.  Assume approximately 5 linear feet of space, per artist, for these works.  Some of the space is shelving and some is in display cases.  Cards and some prints are also welcome.

All current 2013 AVCA members are welcome to hang work in the gallery, provided only, that they have a small volunteer service that they fulfill.  A list of volunteer opportunities will be available at drop off and members will have the opportunity to select a job that they can do.  Some of the choices include time at the gallery, service on a committee (promotional, advertising, liaison with other groups, etc.), and such things as printing, helping hang work, even some internet/at home opportunities.  Should a member feel unable to do any volunteer work, a hanging fee of $20 can be paid in lieu of time.  This fee will cover all of the member’s work for the duration of this show.  Please remember if you are not a current AVCA member- We would love to have you and it is only $25.00 per year member dues. You may join at the time of bringing in your art work if you are interested!!

The Artist Agreement must be filled out prior to your arrival @ the gallery.  There are also identification tags that you will need to complete.  Both of these forms are located in the, Forms tab, above.  Thank you all for your interest in the AVCA & the everlasting goal of the perpetuation of art.

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