Pianos on Parade

Pianos on Parade is back for a third annual parade celebrating art and music throughout Auburn!  This temporary art project takes the shape of seven art-modified pianos that anyone can see and play. Previously only located in Downtown Auburn, the program has expanded to Les Gove Park and Lakeland Hills. Be sure to visit all the locations. Play our Pianos on Parade, take a photo or video and share it with all of Auburn!Mary Ellen Bowers_Piano on Parade

AVCA member Mary Ellen Bowers has a piano on display at 101 East Main Street, outside of Nelson’s Jewelry on the corner of Auburn Way and Main Street. She was inspired by the majestic view from Auburn’s Centennial Viewpoint Park and created a torn paper collage to depict this impressive overlook.  Using hand-painted paper, Mary Ellen recreated the view of Mt. Rainier and the park’s sculpture “The Long Look” (by Brad Rude.)

Check out all the wonderful pianos before they disappear on Monday, September 8th!

New Gallery and New Show!

AVCA is excited to announce our opening of our new Gallery space at 222 East Main Street, Suite F, Auburn WA. (Inside “The Arcade” building) This is our first venture into our own space with a private lease!!
Art Intake for AVCA members will be this weekend:
18th Friday 10-2
19th Saturday 11-1
*Please bring in 2-3 small pieces or 1 large piece to hang in our NEW gallery!!!
*Make sure you are a paid member or bring in your membership fee and form at the time of intake. Membership Application
*Have your ID tags and artwork loan agreement filled out and ready to go at intake.
*Have your pictures securely wired for hanging… pictures not wired properly can not be accepted.
*As AVCA is celebrating this new Gallery location and our new Gallery Manager Zach Tanner:
The AVCA board is waiving our normal $20.00 hanging fee and/or our mandatory volunteer hours for this show ONLY (The next show will be back to normal structure) as a great way for you to participate in this new venture with us!!!
Open house will be next Friday July 25th from 6-8 – Please invite your friends!! 

Opportunties for Artists in Auburn

City of Auburn upcoming opportunities for visual artists:

downtown sculpture gallery banner

City of Auburn’s Downtown Sculpture Gallery

Temporary public art program is accepting applications for the 2014-15 exhibition (Sept – August)  Deadline, July 21, 2014

Details available at www.auburnwa.gov/sculpture Application through CaFé call for entry.org

Application deadline is July 21, 2014


art walk

Autumn Art Walk

Seeking artist participation in the Autumn Art and Wine Walk on Friday September 5  from 5:00 to 9:00 PM.  Full application details available at www.auburnartwalk.com  and deadline for application on July 20, 2014.

AVCA Searching for New Gallery Location

Unfortunately, the building that the AVCA Gallery is currently located in has “sprung a leak”…. a big one. Thankfully no artwork was damaged thanks to our volunteer’s quick actions. However, AVCA has had to move our gallery out of our current location and put the next show on hold for now. We are very saddened by this turn of events but our Board and volunteers are very optimistic and already discussing plans for our future. If you have any ideas or happen to hear of any locations you think might be an affordable possibility for AVCA we would love to hear about it.

A huge THANK YOU to Judy Mathews who saved our artwork when she worked her gallery shift and moved it to safer ground…and Zach Tanner who despite just becoming a daddy to a new baby girl this weekend worked very hard to manage the water situation at the gallery. Thanks also to Lela, Jan, Mary Ellen and Laura for helping in taking stuff home and returning artwork to the artists.
While we do not have any monthly meetings for the summer (June-Aug), please look for other events, shows and paint outs over the summer we will be doing! 


We would like to ask you to pick up your artwork this coming week Tuesday and Wednesday. All artwork is safe and sound but we did have a water pipe in the ceiling of the main gallery break this weekend. We would like everyone to pick up your artwork during the following times:
Tue 10:30-12:30
Wed 10:30-12:30
Please contact us if you absolutely can not pick up art work Tue and Wed.
The Gallery will be closed until further notice. Please know that the AVCA Board is diligently working to resolve this situation and determine if or when our current gallery may reopen or find a new gallery space if needed!

How Do You Picture Freedom?

The new AVCA show will feature the theme “Freedom” and kicks off with an Open House on Friday, June 13th, starting at 6:00 PM. The AVCA gallery is located at 108 S. Division Street, Suite D in downtown Auburn.

The art intake day for this show is Friday, June 6th from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. This show is the next one in our sequence of shows put on with the help of a guest curator, paid for by a grant from King County and the City of Auburn. Collect your thoughts on  how your work reflects Freedom and write them down to share with our curator.

Have two labels per piece, one on the work and one for the gallery book. Also fill in the artist’s Loan Agreement . You can pick up your pieces from our last show when you drop off your new work.